Air France flight Paris-Brazzaville declares emergency

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An Air France flight operating from Paris to Brazzaville, Republic of Congo has declared an emergency whilst en route.

Air France flight AF770, a Boeing 777-300ER operating from Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) to Brazzaville Maya Maya International Airport (BZV) declared an emergency with squawk code 7700 whilst transiting French airspace and is currently making a return.

Air France AF770 Paris – Brazzaville

Maintaining flight level FL200 (20,000 feet), Air France flight AF770 executed a turnaround shortly after squawking transponder code 7700, and is currently making good a return to Paris.

Return Paris CDG

Update 11:05 UTC

Flight AF770 currently on descent through FL140 as it continues its return to Paris CDG this morning. The nature of the emergency prompting the unscheduled return is not yet known.

Weather for the flight’s return is currently Visual Meteorological Conditions (VFR) at the capital city airport, with visibility 10 kilometres or more, and no active alerts.

Data for the flight shows AF770 made a delayed departure out of Paris CDG this morning; making an actual time of departure of 11:28 local time (10:20 UTC), against a scheduled depart time of 10:30 local time.

the flight then continued normally, climbing to FL200 on the southerly track for BZV, before discontinuing the climb; squawking code 7700 at approximately 10:42 UTC whilst still in French airspace.

Update 11:20 UTC

Active runway for the arrival is RWY27, with flight AF770 now making for final approach, on descent through 2,500 feet.

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