British Airways Flight London-Inverness Diverts to Aberdeen

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It has emerged that a British Airways flight between London Heathrow and Inverness has made a significant detour and diverted to Aberdeen.

Diversion: British Airways Flight London-Inverness Diverts to Aberdeen…

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British Airways flight BA1468 is a routine scheduled flight between London Heathrow and Inverness, with the affected diversion to Aberdeen being operated by G-EUOA.

As per data from, G-EUOA is a 22.6 year old Airbus A319-100 that was delivered to the carrier back in June 2001.

Of the A319 variant, the UK airline has 30 of them, of which 26 are in active service and four are currently parked, holding an average age of 21.6 years.

British Airways flight BA1468 departed London Heathrow at 1146 local time this morning and headed northbound in the direction of Inverness.

Upon reaching the Cairngorms area, the crew initially u-turned south in the direction of Edinburgh before turning in a north-easterly direction towards Aberdeen.

G-EUOA landed safely into the Scottish diversion airfield at 1320 local time.

Source: METAR-TAF.

It looks like this diversion into Aberdeen was due to the weather conditions at Inverness Airport, which are very unsuitable conditions to land in.

The British Airways flight, originally from London Heathrow, couldn’t land in it’s destination due to the visibility being around 100 metres, with freezing fog over the airport.

This is a standard practice when weather conditions are like this, which prompted the diversion to Aberdeen where the conditions were more favourable.

All eyes on whether the aircraft will position over to Inverness to continue back down to Heathrow in due course.

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