Epic Games reveals spectacular plan for Fortnite in 2024

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Epic Games is ready to release Fortnite Chapter 5. The new chapter of the video game will bring many new things, from new features to the new island. Many players are excited about it and can’t wait for the new season. However, the game developer released a few more details to make the community hyped for the next year.

With the release of Chapter 5, Epic will add new game modes. Due to this, the company decided to remove the Fortnite OG map from the game. However, this is just a temporary removal, as the popular map will return in 2024.

The Fortnite OG map should return in Chapter 5

Epic Games just revealed that the return of the Fortnite OG map exceeded expectations. Due to this, the company will bring the map back sometime in 2024. While the exact release date is currently unknown, we don’t expect the map to return by mid-2024.

The Fortnite developer likely wants players to focus on new game modes in Chapter 5 in the beginning. However, the company is aware of the effect the OG map had on players, so bringing it back makes a lot of sense.

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“The OG season far exceeded our expectations. So much so that we’d like to bring it back… *opens 2024 roadmap doc*

Epic Games

Fortnite set a new record in November with 100 million unique players playing the game. The concurrent player count also hit 6.2 million, which is the highest since the release of the public player count. With a new live event around the corner, Fortnite will likely set another major record very soon.

It will be interesting to see which version of the Fortnite OG map Epic Games will bring back next year. It will probably be another map that will receive constant changes, which is something that worked quite well in the OG Season.

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