“He Didn’t Have Any Enemies In The Show”

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Image instagrammed by Munawar Faruqui. (courtesy: Munawar Faruqui)

New Delhi:

On Sunday night, Munawar Faruqui clinched the Bigg Boss Season 17 trophy. While his fans showering him with love for his stint on the reality show, there’s a faction of people labelling him as undeserving. Sharing his perspective on the matter, Vicky Jain, who secured a spot in the top 6 contestants, told E Times, “Munawar already had an established audience. He knew that I’m like this and they already love and support me. They had a connection with him. But what I felt was that there were many situations in which he could have shown his real emotions more clearly. I was staying there and the Munawar I saw when I entered the show or the perception we all had seeing him, ke ye koi hai matlab, uss hisaab se usne utna perform nahi kiya. [He did not perform that well.] Meri nazar mein [In my opinion] he did not perform to that extent this is what I felt. That’s the reason I always called him out and said that there is a chance of improvement.” 

Vicky Jain also referred to Munawar Faruqui as a “people pleaser” for steering clear of any enmities during the show. He expressed, “He [Munawar] did not have any enemies in the show. When a big thing related to his life happened, usne ek Awaaz uthayi shoti si [he raised a small voice] and next day he was all fine. He was very comfortable because he knew he had people who love and support him. But on the other hand people like us always focus on our improvement. It is very uncomfortable in life to say nasty things about someone. In normal life if I ask you to talk rubbish about someone you won’t do. Everyone likes to be a people pleaser. We all like to revive and give compliments but there in the show you just can’t keep giving compliments. In the show you have to highlight the negative points of people. The real challenge is to be in an uncomfortable situation and that journey for me is tough and real. Acche se reh kar aap Kahin par bhi 100 din kya 200 din bhi Nikal sakte ho, sabke saath bana ke. [If you are good to others, you can spend not just 100 days but even 200 days anywhere.]”

Meanwhile, Vicky Jain’s wife actress Ankita Lokhande also participated in Bigg Boss 17. The Pavitra Rishta actress was among the top 4 contestants. 

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