“If I wanted to play a bullet hell game I’d play Touhou” Helldivers 2 players explain why they prefer one faction over the other

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In Helldivers 2 there are two factions, the Automatons and Terminids. There will be more in the future, such as The Illuminate, but for now these are the enemies of Super Earth. Naturally, most players prefer one or the other, but it can be frustrating when Major Orders are failed because players won’t switch to the other faction in the name of democracy.

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U/MrC0mp took to Reddit to ask the community why many only play against one faction and rarely stray away from it, even if a Major Order calls for it. “Both factions have their pros and cons but neither is so unfun that I would exclude it completely,” they said.

“Do some players actually exclusively fight against only ONE faction? If so, I don’t really understand why you would do that. You are excluding yourself from half the game’s content.”

Most of the comments on the post were players stating that they prefer either faction, with Automaton players preferring the more slower paced and strategic nature of the missions, whereas the Terminids players prefer the chaotic run and gun style.

But, u/Bakkus1987 put it best and called themselves an “MODiver” while noting there is more versatility in loadouts compared to Terminids, which often sees most players carry the Breaker Shotgun as it is the current meta, “I am a MO diver, but i keep the fights with bugs contained to a bare minimum. I just prefer bots, because i feel like you have way more versatility when it comes to loadouts,” they said.

While players will naturally prefer one faction over the other, sometimes it can be as simple as bringing the wrong loadout to a mission, especially if you’re trying to use one that is optimized for your preferred faction. To help you bring the right loadout for the job, we highly recommend you check out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide.

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