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Trust Wallet, a prominent cryptocurrency wallet provider, is grappling with technical issues that have disrupted transactions for its users. The company identified a critical problem with its BTC node service, which has led to delays and missing transaction histories on the Bitcoin-blockbook chain. The Trust Wallet team is actively working to resolve these disruptions, which stem from an unexpected surge in Bitcoin network transactions causing congestion and instability among node providers.

Trust Wallet said the increase in network traffic has placed a significant burden on nodes, exacerbated by Bitcoin’s 1MB block size limit. This limitation has created a backlog of unconfirmed transactions, with nodes prioritizing those with higher fees. As a result, users have experienced slower data propagation times and increased latency, putting a strain on the computational resources of the node network.

The issues began to surface yesterday, and as of today, Trust Wallet users continue to face challenges. The glitches have affected the Bitcoin Blockbook system, which is utilized by wallets, including Trezor, for data queries.

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