10 essential ways to safeguard your marriage before it’s too late

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Marriage is a powerful bond that binds the threads of two unique individuals into a shared journey in the complex fabric of life. A happy marriage requires commitment and dedication from both partners. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, managing finances, raising children and interacting with extended family and other relationships can be emotionally draining. If you want to maintain a positive relationship with your spouse when marital problems arise, it’s important to deal with them quickly and effectively. You’ll need to make an effort and be proactive if you want to build a successful relationship. Taking a positive approach to protecting and strengthening the foundations of your relationship is essential for a long-lasting successful married life. (Also read: Unlocking love: 8 relationship patterns that block you from attracting a healthy partner )

10 essential ways to safeguard your marriage before it’s too late(Freepik)

10 Steps to Strengthen and Safeguard Your Marriage

Amanda Twiggs, Marriage Coach and Relationship Expert shared in her recent Instagram post ten effective ways to safeguard your marriage before it’s too late.

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1. Don’t keep secrets: Openness and honesty are required for trust. Tell your partner the truth and don’t omit things to “protect them”. They want the truth even if it hurts.

2. Be loyal: Stand by your spouse. Put them above everyone else. Speak positively about them and always have their back.

3. Don’t have friends of the opposite sex: While friendships with other couples are fine, be cautious, especially with opposite-sex friends. Leaning on someone other than your spouse for happiness or emotional support can easily lead to an affair.

4. Speak highly of your spouse: Not just to others but to their face. If you don’t think positively enough about your spouse to speak about them positively then why are you with someone who you have so little respect for?

5. Stay accountable: Keep each other informed about your whereabouts and activities. Remember that it’s about respect, not control.

6. Take financial responsibility: Avoid financial stress by not spending more than you earn and never make your partner feel like they need to parent you around money.

7. Ask for what you want and need: Your partner can’t read your mind and if you don’t get your needs met in the relationship you are more likely to look for it elsewhere.

8. Keep the spark alive: Stay soulmates, not just roommates. Be sexually intimate, flirt, hold hands, and continue dating.

9. Apologize, easily and often: Take responsibility for your part of the problem and repair things between you when they are broken.

10. Communicate: Strong relationships thrive on communication. Face-to-face talks are always better than texts or emails.

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