21 Affordable Korean Skincare Products Under $25

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Popular items from this list include:

  • Cosrx’s 96% snail mucin essence

  • A brightening rice extract toner

  • A soft-finish sun milk with SPF50+ sun protection

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The cult-favorite Cosrx snail mucin essence

The snail mucin is obtained in a safe way, so no snails are harmed.

Promising review: “I’ve been using this morning and night for about two weeks and I can say I understand the hype! My skin looks better than it has in so long. Firstly, the texture surprised me. When you think snail mucin, you think slimy and gross. This wasn’t sticky or slimy whatsoever. I was afraid it was gonna leave my skin feeling gross and slippery. Surprisingly, my skin drank it right up! No residue whatsoever and it’s a nice primer before makeup. I have oily skin and it’s helped with that as well. My skin is so soft, with a nice healthy glow. I’ve noticed my red spots from past acne is fading and my skin just overall looks great. Highly recommend!” — Sarah D.

The Saem hydrating and cooling eye stick

It also can help tighten the appearance of eye wrinkles if you’d prefer for them not to be as noticeable. And here’s a tip! It reduces puffiness faster if used after refrigeration.

Promising review: “This is definitely a miracle product. I was impressed that it worked so well, so fast, and so instantly. The packaging is silly but whimsical; I enjoy it. This is the last thing I apply before walking out the door. First day I used it, I put it on and got in my car — I looked in the rear view mirror and my heart jumped. My eyes had de-puffed on my walk down the front path!!! So impressive. It’s not hydrating, it’s more tightening/brightening. If you have dry under eyes, use a creamy hydrating eye cream first, and apply this over it — problem solved. You don’t get much product, but you don’t need to use much either, and it’s not like it’s expensive. Definitely worth it if a product actually DOES what it claims it’ll do!!! Buy it!” — Joseph S.

Soko Glam

And a super rich collagen eye cream

Promising reviews: “I absolutely love this eye cream! I have a dry skin type and am prone to darkness under eye when I’m tired. After I use a small amount my under eye glows and feels so hydrated. I am on my second jar and will absolutely repurchase it!” — Makayla

“I really wanted an inexpensive eye cream just to moisturize and keep my skin feeling soft and subtle during winter. This did the trick. I’ve bought it over and over again.” — Mary

A clarifying carbonated clay mask

This reviewer recommends putting the lid back on when not using because the air activates it.

Promising review: “I loved this! The fizzing effect exfoliated and deep cleaned my face….beyond facial smooth and bright! It felt nice during the treatment. I really sensed DEEP cleaning! I think it will be a nice weekly treat! I highly recommend it for the fun experience and the amazing results.” — Amy Lynn Volansky

Another promising review: “I love love love this carbonated bubble clay mask! Ok so the packaging was very cute and simple, when opening up the jar, they give you this little spatula to help spread the mask. A little bit goes a long way! The texture is jelly-like and smells decent. Once on your face, you can feel it tingling and cracking cause it’s creating bubbles on your face. When done your face itself looks like a huge bubble, it’s quite fascinating. I kept the mask on for 10 minutes. Afterward, I used wet hands to rub the product in, then I washed with warm water. After using this my face felt amazing! Super soft and shiny, not oily of grimy at all. Will definitely buy again, 10/10.” — Erica

A lightweight Cosrx mild gel cleanser

All Cosrx products are dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, and have no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Promising review: “After hours of exhaustive research on Korean gentle cleansers, I finally decided upon a cleanser. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my face! I have sensitive, combination, and very volatile skin, so if I ever make it unhappy, it definitely lets me know. This cleanser is light enough that it doesn’t feel thick or cloying, it has a very subtle smell (which I love), and the ph of the cleanser is so low that the only thing I am worried about for my face anymore is the ph of the water I am splashing on my face. It hasn’t caused any bad breakouts or negative reactions like drying or tightness of skin but it can certainly handle itself in the department of a full face cleanser. This has caused me to look forward to trying more Cosrx products!” — Haley Hart

A rice water facial foaming cleanser

Promising review:Not any of the many I’ve tried throughout my life have worked as incredibly as this one has. I’ve had top recommended brand cleansers that required two washes to thoroughly cleanse it all off. Not with this one. And the scent is wonderful!! I love it even more for that! The size of the bottle is much bigger than I expected and for such a great price!! Highly recommended!” — Carlos

A 24-pack of Dermal daily collagen sheet masks

Promising reviews: “I love this mask! I use them one or two times a week and they make my skin very soft and moisturized. It has enough liquid in every bag to use the remaining as you please. I put them in the refrigerator and it helps with puffiness and freshness!” — Amazon customer

I’ve been using these sheet masks for 4+ years. I must say, these Korean masks worked wonders on my skin. I had a lot of acne scars, mild pigmentation around my lips and dark eye lids but ever since I included these masks to my skin care regimen (alongside Glow Recipe skin care products) I have seen visible improvement in my skin. Now, I’ve zero breakouts and almost fully evened out skin tone. It always feels refreshing and rejuvenating after using these masks. Highly recommend.” — Siva

A melt-away cleansing balm

Promising review: “I LOVE this cleansing balm. I’ve been trying all sorts of different cleansers to try and help my acne to no avail. It wasn’t until I started watching vids on Korean beauty that this oil cleanser kept being recommended and I decided to give it a try. Worth. Every. Penny. You don’t need a lot to wash your whole face, and it gets the job done well, leaving my face super refreshed afterward. Of course, I’ve been using other Korean beauty products so I won’t give it full credit, but I do think it’s helped out my acne a lot.” — A Flying Potato

A propolis and niacinamide glow serum

Promising review: “From the moment I started using this serum I saw results! The combination of propolis and niacinamide in this serum is a winning formula. My complexion has never looked this radiant and healthy. It effectively addresses dark spots and hyperpigmentation, visibly reducing their appearance. What makes this serum even more remarkable is its lightweight and fast-absorbing texture. It feels like silk on my skin and leaves no greasy residue. I can apply it seamlessly without worrying about it disrupting my makeup or other skincare products. The hydrating properties of this serum are a game-changer. My skin feels intensely nourished and plump, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The only downside is the price. I think it’s a bit expensive for the amount of product you get. However, it’s so good that I’ll still leave it at 8/5 stars!” — Yuna Lee

A Nooni tinted appleberry lip oil

This lip oil is vegan, cruelty-free, and has no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Promising review: “This is the first lip oil I’ve ever used. Usually I avoid anything with oil because I have very sensitive and generally oilier skin, but I wanted to give this a try because I wanted something sheer and pretty for a natural makeup look. Probably the best purchase I’ve ever made!!! It’s super sheer and looks fine on its own without any other makeup. The smell is delicious, and while the gloss dries and fades after about an hour or two without eating, the color stays all day! I did have to reapply after eating, but not after drinking water! I just wish it was bigger, it’s a teeny bottle. Would definitely buy again!!” — Debby Gold

A Mizon snail repair cream

Promising review: “I am obsessed with this stuff I would bathe in it if I could!! I have really sensitive skin to weather changes and tend to get flaky skin on my face, but I’ve used this for two years now and I have had the most moisturized baby smooth face since. Seriously buy it, put it on before bed, and the next morning you can absolutely tell the difference. I’m like a freaking walking ad for it. My face is brighter and more moisturized.” — Leah

A brightening rice extract toner

This toner is vegan and cruelty-free.

Promising review: “I love this toner! I’ve finished the whole bottle. It’s light and moisturizing. I can definitely tell the difference, my skin is smoother and plump. I love it cause I have both oily and dry skin and it makes my skin normal again! Best of all it doesn’t burn or irritate my skin, if anything it calms it down. Will definitely be buying again.” — Rachael

A soft-finish sun milk with SPF50+ sun protection

In the progression photos above, you can see a reviewer before applying the sun milk, after applying the sun milk, and then the sun milk under makeup.

Although many reviewers say they don’t experience a white cast with this, it is an untinted mineral sunscreen — so results in terms of white cast may vary.

Promising review: “I have dark, oily skin and purchased this product after reading recommendations. There is no white cast; you can barely see it upon application unless you use too much. You definitely do not need a lot, it spreads thin. When it dries, any color is gone. It also helps slow down my face getting all greasy as the day goes on, which I love. My skin is very, very oily but I can still apply this after my moisturizer and feel totally comfortable. I’m not a fan of scents, and the scent on this is extremely mild.” —Ms. Renee

A popular 16-pack of Skin1004 pore tightening and lifting masks

Skin1004 is a Korean skincare brand that provides high-quality skincare items made of plant-based ingredients from Madagascar. Its signature ingredient is centella asiatica extract, a soothing and hydrating antioxidant that is known for its ability to heal wounds and protect the skin.

Promising review: “I purchased the three-pack. I have only tried the zombie so far, but wow! First time, immediate results. My skin was brighter, the tone was more even, my pores looked smaller. There was no shine to my skin. I was amazed! I have bad skin. Not terrible skin but bad. Nothing helps, but this mask floored me. I can not wait to try the others. I will say the zombie mask does get quite restricting as it dries. I would do it at a time when you’re not trying to talk to anyone or do much of anything. Lol It didn’t smell bad. I don’t really recall the smell much at all. The mask came off super easily. It took about five minutes to completely remove. I love it. I rinsed the brush that was included with hot water and it’s good as new, ready for next time. Very happy. Totally worth it.” — Andrea Russell

Promising review: “I was a little skeptical when I bought this. Tried it for the first time and was amazed by the results! My skin looks and feels amazing, I felt like I looked at least 5 years younger. Yes it doesn’t smell the greatest, but it wasn’t overly strong. My skin is very sensitive and I avoid trying new products because a lot irritate my skin, this product didn’t. I am so thrilled.” — Dayna


A Krave Beauty matcha hemp cleanser

Krave Beauty is a Korean woman-owned small biz that aims to make skincare easy and stress-free.

Promising review: “I struggled with oily, acne-prone skin and a damaged barrier since I was a teenager. But I’ve been loyal to this cleanser and the oat moisturizer since they came out and y’all…it took some time, but my skin is finally, FINALLY, in the place I always wanted it to be. It has the perfect texture, amount of lather, and after-feel of any cleanser I’ve ever tried. Do your skin a favor and try this.” — Monisa A.

The Laneige lip mask

Promising review: “I was kinda skeptical, as I am with anything that blows up on TikTok because you never know who is getting paid for a review. But I’m dead serious this stuff works. I have the driest, chapped lips, and I have anxiety so I’m always biting my lips, and I’ve only used this for three days, and my lips are already so soft and healed. It seems expensive but looks like it will last me for months.” — Caitlin

A cute little octopus-shaped blackhead remover

Promising review: “After just two days of use, this adorable little octopus has done wonders for me, smells great too. Here’s how I used it: I wore down the stick just a little to where the texture from the salt is visible, scrubbed around on my face so there was plenty of product, then I used my fingers to gently massage all the gunk away. Rinse, pat dry, and enjoy the softness. Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin like myself.” — LuckLocust

An exfoliating toner for acne-prone skin

After cleansing, soak your cotton pad with the toner, gently wipe your face, and lightly tap for absorption. Follow with moisturizer.

Promising review: “This stuff works! First off all there was no purging period, which my acne prone skin is grateful for. It also doesn’t sting or smell harsh. Within a week of using this toner I stopped having breakouts. My dark spots are slowly getting lighter and my skin is starting to glow. I’m on my second bottle now and I have nothing but good things to say. I really hope they never stop making this.” — kem


Glow Recipe’s hydrating niaciamide “dew drops”

Glow Recipe is an Asian-owned business that aims to create fruit-forward, clean beauty formulas to incorporate into your skincare routine.

Promising review: “This water glow serum will make your skin glow! It will give you the dewy, glass skin effect that everyone wants on their skin. Even when you layer on your moisturizer and sunscreen, you can still see the glow. I have never tried a product this good before. This is something worth checking out if you want a glow in the skincare routine” — trasang

A 72-pack of popular Cosrx pimple patches

For persistent or bigger pimples, leave a pimple patch on overnight for two to three days to allow the pimple to diminish completely.

Promising review:This product works! It stays on until you remove it and honestly, you can wash your face and forget it’s there and still it holds up to a lather without falling off. I had a few hormonal acne areas on my chin that were painful to the touch. This patch seemed to alleviate the discomfort and I forgot about it and wore them overnight. It took a few days for the spot to go down in size but it works. As for blemishes after threading, single treatment and by morning… the blemish is gone.” — LaTisha Taylor

A fast-working calming cream

Promising review: “Absolutely worth every single cent! I have severe rosacea that leaves my nose and cheeks dry, flaky, and breaking out. I’ve had little success with anything topical that will provide any relief to my irritated skin…I received my order Wednesday and applied it that night after washing my face. By Saturday afternoon, my face is almost completely healed, preventing pealing and helping clear up my rosacea skin irritation!” — Amazon customer

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