5 signs you are heading towards divorce and don’t know it

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In any relationship, effort and mutual understanding form the basis of affection. Sometimes, a relationship may feel strained, and it is important to attend to it right away without waiting for it to become worse. “If you have any or all of these signs going on in your marriage, you don’t have to get divorced. You can not only save your marriage, but you can also create the marriage you both long for. If you have any of these signs, you need to stop doing them,” wrote Relationship Coach Julia Woods. She further noted down a few signs that show that we are heading towards a divorce and don’t even know about it.

5 signs you are heading towards divorce and don’t know it(Pixabay)

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Not reconciling conflicts: Any conflict is an opportunity for growth. It causes discomfort in the relationship, which further opens up the possibilities of conversations, leading to healthy change and growth. However, when we do not address difficult conversations, they become more difficult with time. As we learn to procrastinate in difficult situations and conversations, they can lead to separation in the relationship.

Blaming each other: Taking ownership of our mistakes is important in a relationship. A relationship is developed and nurtured by two individuals, and we should remember that when we share the responsibilities. We should be accountable for our mistakes. Blaming each other and engaging in the never-ending blame game will ultimately harm the relationship.

Waiting for spouse to change: This is an unhealthy mindset that can harm the relationship. Instead of waiting for the other person to change, we should start embracing their imperfections. Finding a common ground in a marriage is very important.

Ruminating after conflicts: Instead of sitting and overthinking of the conflict, we should learn to let things go and be more excited about what awaits us next. When we start to ruminate on the conflict and what was said and done, we start to find faults in everything.

Stonewalling: This is a toxic relationship trait where one person completely goes silent and tries to block communication with the other person. This is done as an act of punishing the other person. However, stonewalling can accelerate conflicts and lead to suffering.

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