5 ways to create healthier boundaries: Expert shares tips

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Boundaries are very important in any relationship. Boundaries help us to maintain our mental and emotional wellbeing and ensure that we are respected and valued in a relationship. Setting boundaries helps us to understand our needs, wants and expectations better. While setting boundaries, we should also ensure to make others understand the importance of respecting them and never overstepping them. However, we should learn the importance of setting healthier boundaries. “Are there people in your life who don’t respect your boundaries? People you can’t talk true around, who use your words against you later? People who don’t support what is best for you? People who take and take, leaving you drained? These five practices can help support the creation of healthy boundaries in your life,” wrote Psychotherapist Terri Cole. Here are a few ways to set healthier boundaries:

5 ways to create healthier boundaries: Expert shares tips(Unsplash)

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Be selective: We should be selective about the people who are allowed to be close to us, and people who are just acquaintances. People who we feel safe with, valued and loved are the ones who are allowed in mind and heart. They help us to become better versions of ourselves.

Stop the auto-yes: Often the urge to please people makes us commit to things that we are not sure about. Saying yes to everything and committing can cause a sense of anger and regret later. Instead, we should have a clear understanding of what is being asked of us, and we should take considerable time to take a decision.

Stop convincing: When we set boundaries, we should expect people to understand and respect them. We do not need to explain a lot or convince them. What is more important is our emotional well-being.

Feedback needs respect: People who treat us with care and respect are the only ones who should provide feedback to us – because, in that case, we know that they want the best for us.

Become more mindful: Mindfulness helps us to feel more grounded and relaxes the nervous system. Practicing meditation, yoga, deep breathing and other grounding exercises help us to have a fresh perspective on life.

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