Air Corsica updates fleet with two ATR 72-600 aircraft

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Air Corsica has confirmed a firm order for two ATR 72-600 aircraft which was placed initially at the Paris Air Show.

This forms part of Air Corsica’s move to transition its entire fleet of ATR-500 series to the latest ATR 72-600 model.

Sustainable Aviation

Scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2024, the two ATR 72-600 aircraft signify Air Corsica’s commitment to sustainable aviation.

With the latest PW127XT engines, these aircraft aim to optimize not only reliability and comfort but also operating costs and CO2 emissions.

By adopting these eco-friendly measures, Air Corsica is not only meeting industry standards but setting new benchmarks for regional aviation.

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Fleet Harmonization

The arrival of these two aircraft will mark the completion of Air Corsica’s full fleet harmonization.

With a total of seven ATR 72-600 aircraft in its fleet, the airline is poised to offer efficient connectivity between Corsica’s four airports and key destinations like Nice and Marseille.

This harmonization strategy is a testament to Air Corsica’s commitment to providing high-quality public service, ensuring that passengers experience the utmost convenience in their travels.

Leadership Statement

Marie-Hélène Casanova-Servas, President of Air Corsica’s Supervisory Board, emphasizes the significance of this order in advancing the airline’s mission.

She states, “By harmonizing our fleet around the ATR 72-600 aircraft, we will continue to contribute actively to our island’s economic prosperity, providing our customers with a fast, reliable, economical, and socially responsible means of transport.”

This approach underscores the economic and social sensibilities of the role Air Corsica plays in the regional aviation landscape.

Photo Credits: ATR

‘Pioneering Spirit’

Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, applauds Air Corsica’s pioneering spirit. As the launch customer of the PW127XT engine, the carrier has consistently embraced innovation, setting industry trends.

Laude remarks, “Through this pioneering spirit that we share, we are sending out a strong message: regional aviation can and must be reliable, low emission, comfortable, and connected.”

This collaborative effort between the operator and ATR establishes new standards for the entire regional aviation sector.

Cost Savings

Air Corsica’s proactive stance is evident in its adoption of technological advancements. The carrier became the first operator to receive an ATR 72-600 equipped with the PW127XT engine in 2022.

As a result, it achieved a remarkable 20% reduction in maintenance costs and a minimum 3% reduction in fuel consumption compared to its predecessor, the PW127M.

Furthermore, these advancements translate into a significant 45% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to similar-sized regional jets, aligning with global sustainability goals.

About Air Corsica

Air Corsica is Corsica’s leading airline, it operates 44% of annual traffic (82% in winter) to and from the island’s four airports: Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and Figari.

It is the 4th largest company in Corsica with more than 700 employees. Air Corsica has carried some 42 million passengers since its first flight in 1990, making it France’s 3rd largest airline.

It operates 12 public service domestic routes, 12 non-public service domestic routes and 12 international routes, both year-round and seasonally in the summer, totalling 19,500 flights a year.

The regional operator has a fleet of 12 aircraft: five ATR 72-600, one ATR 42-500 and six Airbus A320, including two A320neo aircraft.

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