Blue Protocol release date window – when can you play it?

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The hype surrounding Bandai Namco and Amazon Games’ multiplayer online RPG is higher than ever as we steadily approach its imminent launch, so you may be wondering when the Blue Protocol release date will be. Alas, unlike those residing in Japan, its global PC and console launch has not taken place yet, so many are understandably waiting eagerly to get hands-on with the game.

With that said, you may be wondering when you can expect the highly-anticipated game to be launched. If you have, then you’ve come to the right place because we’ll be providing exactly that, along with other relevant information about the game.

When is the Blue Protocol release date?

The Blue Protocol release date will now take place in 2024, according to developer Bandai Namco. However, those in Japan can already play the game on PC, while the Japanese console launch date is currently slated for December 13, 2023, at 17:00 PM JST, as stated through a Blue Protocol blog post.

Previously, the game’s global launch had been slated for the second half of 2023, based on a blog post from Bandai Namco themselves. Unfortunately, this ended up being pushed back, and, since the developers have yet to actually provide a concrete release date, it’s currently unknown when the game is explicitly going to be launched.

Based on statements made in the same announcement, the upcoming title will apparently also have a few beta tests lined up ahead of the game’s release. Much like the launch window, however, it also isn’t currently known when these testing periods will be available to the public. But with Summer just around the corner, more information should be provided as we approach the next few months.

Luckily, fans have already been given a quick glimpse into the world of Blue Protocol, thanks to a few key gameplay trailers. Many are already comparing it to another open-world multiplayer RPG in Genshin Impact due to the multiple elements that have already been revealed. If you want to see more of its anime-like aesthetics and bright environment, then you can check out the preview for yourself below.

Upon release, there will apparently be a total of five classes available that will players will get to choose from during character creation. It’s currently unclear, though, whether Bandai Namco plan on adding more with future expansions.

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