Call of Duty devs blast Kratos voice actor after MW3 campaign joke at The Game Awards

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Much like its past iterations, The Game Awards 2023 gave out plenty of – you guessed it – awards to deserving winners and showcased several announcement trailers that had viewers’ heads spinning. However, no moment was arguably as memorable as Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge jokingly calling out the MW3 campaign for being shorter than his iconically long acceptance speech in last year’s annual event.

Now, it’s been no secret that the MW3 campaign length is noticeably shorter than in past installments, which is why many within the community had initially complained about its content upon release. But even though Judge’s quip was meant to be taken as a lighthearted jab, it, unfortunately, didn’t go down well with a few CoD devs, as some immediately took to X (formerly Twitter) to call out the God of War lead.

One former Infinity Ward developer said: “The metrics that CoD absolutely destroys all of the God of War games (probably combined tbh) in is also equally laughable (if not more.)” Another Sledgehammer engineer noted: “Honestly, as CoD developers, we’ve heard way worse. But we don’t expect it from a peer, at an event [that’s] supposed to be celebrating this year’s achievements in gaming. Especially with all the information that was leaked about its development.”

Many, including CoD news aggregator CharlieIntel, felt that the MW3 campaign joke was made in poor taste since the “Sledgehammer team had to make [MW3] in 16 months (and provided more content than a 3-year dev cycle.” However, several of the comments below CharlieIntel’s post weren’t quite as empathetic towards the CoD developers’ comments, as one user bluntly stated: “Their takes make them look worse. It was a joke; you’d think the people behind COD would be good at taking those.”

Sadly, the rift between CoD devs and the series’ community only seems to grow larger with each passing day, and this latest MW3 campaign joke controversy only reinforces that fact. Only time will tell if the fan base and creators of arguably the world’s most popular FPS series can coexist, but don’t hold your breath. Until then, take a look at our guides on the MW3 weapons list, MW3 operators lists, and MW3 maps list to find out more about the latest entry.

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