Child in El Paso Accounts for First Area Flu-Related Death of 2024 –

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Health experts urge people to get vaccinated.

With so much attention pointed towards the COVID-19 pandemic in recent years – and rightfully so – it’s easy to lose track of the fact that influenza remains a dangerous condition that people should also be protected against whenever possible. With a vaccine available for protection, the impact of the flu can be lessened dramatically for people who take the step to get that shot prior to the full swing of flu season. Tragically, the flu has recently taken the life of a young person in the El Paso, Texas area, the first individual to pass away with the flu so far in 2024. The young boy was less than 13 years of age and had some underlying health conditions to contend with, in addition to the flu that he contracted.

Because so many people are used to dealing with flu season on an annual basis, it is somewhat taken for granted. And it’s true enough that most people who contract the flu will deal with symptoms for a few days before getting better – but that’s not the case for everyone. Some people wind up dealing with very serious illnesses after contracting the flu, and in some instances, the individual will not be able to recover from the virus and the damage that it does to their body. While everyone is potentially at risk, the very young and the very old are particularly vulnerable, in addition to people who have chronic conditions that make them more vulnerable to serious illness.

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There are a couple of very simple instructions that the healthcare establishment would like to spread as far and wide as possible regarding the flu. First and foremost is to get the vaccine. The best way to prevent its spread is to be protected against getting it in the first place. Everyone who is eligible for the vaccine should get it, as this is the best line of defense against serious illness. Being vaccinated for the flu does not always mean a person can’t get it, but it does mean they’ll will likely have less severe symptoms if they do become infected.

In addition to getting as many people vaccinated as possible, it’s also important that people stay home and away from others when sick with the flu. This is a disease that travels from person to person, so cutting down the opportunities for the virus to move around the community is also an important step.

While this young boy was the first flu-related death in the El Paso area for 2024, such events are sadly all too common across the country each fall and winter. During the current flu season, nearly 150 pediatric patients have died with the flu playing a role in the decline of their health. It is not reported how many of those young people were vaccinated against the flu, but it is known that taking the step to get vaccinated will go a long way toward improving the health outcomes of those who get the flu each year.


El Paso boy dies, first local flu-related death of 2024

El Paso boy is first local flu-related death of 2024, public health officials say

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