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#Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

November 14, 2023

Jackie Andres

Photo © Jacek Stankiewicz. All images courtesy of Comedy Wildlife 2023, shared with permission

A young greenfinch gets scolded, human legs propel a batfish forward, and a kangaroo shreds on an air guitar in this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Created in 2015, the annual contest (previously) is an effort to empathize with the wildlife around us while calling to attention the threats they face. With thousands of entries from around the world every year, the deluge of delightful images serves as a reminder that animals and humans have plenty in common, from idiosyncratic personas and comical clumsiness to the Earth we share.

A gallery showcasing the 2023 finalists is available on the competition’s website, where there is still time to vote for the People’s Choice Award.


a Moorish idol swims around with human legs

Photo © Danielle Goonan

a kangaroo plays air guitar

Photo © Jason Moore

a fox smokes a cigar

Photo © Dakota Vaccaro

a white bird puffs into a rotund snowball

Photo © Jacques Poulard

a bird flies into a wooden post

Photo © Wendy Kaveney

two cubs rehearse a handshake

Photo © Thomas Vijayan

an otter performs ballet

Photo © Otter Kwek

a seal goes airborne inn the sand

Photo © Adrian Slazok

a monkey lounges on the forest floor while using its tail too cover its face

Photo © Delphine Casimir

#Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


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