Dating trends 2023: From ghosting to stonewalling, toxic patterns that made news

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Dating trends 2023: Dating in modern times is a lot different than how it used to be earlier. While the options are rampant, sticking by someone and having an old school romance is still the most beautiful thing to do. With social media, dating apps and other mediums, it is easier to connect with more people and screen and find the one who matches our vibe. However, things can also get toxic in very less time, and while we may have a difficult time figuring out what is healthy for us, we should keep a watch on the relationship patterns, toxic trends and behavioural patterns that can affect us mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Dating trends 2023: From ghosting to stonewalling, toxic patterns that made news in 2023

Here are a few toxic dating patterns that were the highlight of this year:

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Ghosting: When we do not match the vibe of someone, it is important to let them know and give them clarity. However, ghosting refers to the behavioural pattern where a person starts to ghost the partner when they feel no longer interested in them. This can cause harm to their mental and emotional health and kill their self-confidence. Most importantly, it can make them wonder for days what went wrong.

Stonewalling: This is an extremely toxic move. Especially during conflicts or chaos in a relationship, a person may completely go silent, and not try to fix the situation. This can happen due to several reasons. However, punishing the partner by not talking to them is one of the primary motives.

The scorecard: Do you keep score of who made how many mistakes in the past? If yes, that’s an extremely toxic thing to do in a relationship. Keeping score of things dig up the past that we are not comfortable about. This can make things worse in a relationship.

Blame game: Engaging in blame game and not taking accountability for our own actions can create a lot of distance in the relationship, eventually leading to bitterness and separation.

Gaslighting: This is a manipulation technique used by one partner on the other where they are made to believe that their version of reality is wrong. This can create frustration and anger, leading to resentment.

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