Debunking our approach to digital sovereignty By Cointelegraph

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People have lost control of their destiny — well, control of their digital identity — when navigating the online world. But with more of our interactions taking place online, it becomes increasingly vital to raise awareness of the potential dangers related to our data.

Whether it’s browser data or sensitive information, our digital snail trail is frequently extrapolated and shared under our noses, but its repercussions are becoming more clear. MGM’s recent data breach resulted in around $100 million in losses and innumerable impacted customers. Bankruptcy provider Kroll revealed that FTX, Genesis and BlockFi customers’ data leaked following a cybersecurity hack. While 74% of these hacks are achieved through social engineering, Verizon (NYSE:) also found that the volume of ransomware attacks was greater in the past couple of years than the previous five years combined.

The right to use your own data

Data’s intrinsic value and independence

The right to control access and use of your own data by others with privacy options

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