Different Types of Indian Flowers

Indian Flowers

Indian flowers are an integral part of India’s culture and they are used in various ways. They are adorned at weddings, baby showers and other ceremonies; they decorate houses, shops and other buildings and they also form an important part of Indian folklore.

Flowers in Indian culture aren’t just decorative but have a lot of spiritual and religious significance as well. They are an essential element of worshipping and they are also used in poojas or prayer offerings. Besides being beautiful, they also give off lovely scents and attract pollinators. They also have a place in literature and are mentioned in several Sanskrit texts of the Vedic era. Indian literary personalities like Kalidasa have mentioned many different types of flowers in their works.

Marigolds are a very common flower in India and they are used in Hindu weddings. They have a very cheerful vibe to them and can withstand the intense Indian heat. They also have a nice fragrance and are a great choice for summer or autumn gardening.

Hibiscus is another favorite flower of the people of India and it’s associated with Goddess Kali. It has a bright red color and is believed to empower the goddess. It’s an important part of worshipping for Hindus and can be seen adorning their idols. It’s also an important ingredient in poojas and they are often used in Indian cuisine.

Different Types of Indian Flowers

There are a number of wild flowers that are found in India and some of them are very popular all over the world. Jasmine is a very famous Indian flower that’s used in all sorts of ways. It’s a lovely, fragrant flower and it’s especially used in South India. People often adorn their hair with strings of jasmine flowers. They are called gundu malli, mullapoo or pavizhamalli in Tamil.

Other popular indian flowers include roses, hydrangeas, carnations and daisies. These flowers can be grown all year round in the warmer areas of India and they are a great addition to gardens, bouquets and decorations. They also come in a wide range of colors to suit any taste and they can be used for both floral arrangements and to decorate homes.

In the winter, gardeners plant dahlias and amaryllis in their gardens. These flowers are very pretty and they grow quite quickly. They are also easy to maintain and they require minimal effort. They are a good option for winter gardening in India.

Orchids are another popular flower that’s grown in India. They’re extremely beautiful and can be found in every Indian household. They’re a great choice for indoor plants and can be grown in all types of climates. They also have a nice, sweet fragrance and are perfect for gifting.

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