Fans adore this gold watch from The Finals that tells the actual time

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Embark Studios made quite the splash when it dropped The Finals on consoles and PCs at The Game Awards 2023. In just over a day, it managed to get over 200,000 concurrent players on PC alone. And now they’re impressed with a cosmetic item that just dropped in the store.

If you’ve already checked The Finals out, you’ll know that the best weapons aren’t enough. Teamwork with the best class composition is more important than reflexes and scoring headshots.

This gold watch tells the actual time in The Finals

Available for 800 Multibucks, this watch in The Finals does indeed tell the actual time. Players over at Reddit spotted this neat cosmetic addition to the game and their reception has been largely positive. True, games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have implemented an accurate watch before. But despite that, it’s a cool reason to purchase an item in a free-to-play title.

Understandably, knowing the real time won’t necessarily help you in the game

But it certainly lends an air of novelty to this cosmetic item in The Finals.

User S3mperr noted that ‘Embark does have some of the coolest takes on cosmetics I’ve seen in a while’ while some players weren’t too happy with the pricing. Another user who goes by lambchopdestroyer joked that ‘It’s 2:35 pm. Do you know where your Light teammates are?’ as a jab towards the difference in movement speeds of the game’s three classes.

An image of a gold watch from The Finals that tells the actual time. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Is the gold watch worth it in The Finals

It can tell you that you’re late for work. But at 800 Multibucks, it’s on the steep end when it comes to cosmetic purchases. In fact, the game’s battle pass costs 1150 Multibucks ($9.99/€9.99/£7.99). But if you’d like to show off your sense of style, it’s certainly got a sense of flair to it. With a separate cosmetic category devoted to watches, expect more of them to arrive over time.

Read up on the best gadgets in The Finals if you’re looking to shake up your performance. We’ve also got The Finals beginners guide for players just entering its arenas. The Finals is out on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The Finals gold watch FAQs

How much does the watch cost in The Finals?

The watch costs 800 Multibucks.

Can you directly purchase the watch in The Finals?

No, you need to purchase a pack of Multibucks.

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