Flights in Iran Suspended Following Israel Retaliation

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Flights in and out of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz in Iran have been suspended following the retaliation carried out by Israel in the last hour.

Flights overflying Iranian airspace have also been re-routed.

Follow live below for additional updates.

Live Updates: Flights in Iran Suspended Due to Israel Retaliation…

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55 min ago19/04/24


Welcome to our live coverage. We will be with you over the next few hours as the story continues to unfold.

Standby for updates.

47 min ago19/04/24

Lone Flight Passing Over Isfahan…

Flights in Iran Suspended Following Israel Retaliation

A Jazeera Airways Airbus A320neo bound for Kuwait from Moscow appears to be tracking over Isfahan.

Due to the initial routing it has taken, it has to pass over to get to KWI.

However, this could very well be GPS jamming in effect, so this needs to be confirmed still.

44 min ago19/04/24

Signal Lost: As Expected?

Flights in Iran Suspended Following Israel Retaliation

As expected, signal has been lost (Note the black dotted lines). Furthermore, there is moderate GPS jamming in the areas surrounding Isfahan.

42 min ago19/04/24

NOTAMs from Tehran, Iran Following Retaliation from Israel…

NOTAMs from the Tehran FIR highlighting the temporary routes for overflights that can be taken by aircraft heading east and west.

40 min ago19/04/24

On The Ground at Tehran Airport…

Moreover, scenes have emerged from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport where passengers have been told that all flights have been cancelled and that they should exit the airport.

37 min ago19/04/24

Significant GPS Jamming in Israel…

@RadarBoxCom noting significant GPS jamming in Israel, particularly over the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport.

32 min ago19/04/24

Tehran FIR has sent out a NOTAM advising pilots to take additional fuel onboard their flights due to potential route extensions.

30 min ago19/04/24

Current Look at the Airspace Closure…

As per @OSINTTechnical, we can see here which part of the Iranian airspace is closed to commercial flights currently.

23 min ago19/04/24

Isfahan International Airport Targeted…

Isfahan International Airport, a public & military airfield, has reportedly been targeted in tonight’s retaliation.

11 min ago19/04/24

Turkish Airlines Flight U-Turns Back to Istanbul…

Turkish Airlines flight TK870 was bound for Tehran, when it had to u-turn due to the closure of the airport.

9 min ago19/04/24

EK979 Got Close to Tehran Before U-Turning to Dubai…

Emirates flight EK979 from Dubai to Tehran is another example.

This flight got extremely close to it’s destination before being sent straight back.

6 min ago19/04/24

AA293 – New Delhi to New York: Diverting to Boston Due to Iran & Israel Events…

American Airlines flight AA293 between New Delhi and New York JFK will be diverting to Boston later on.

This is due to what has been going on in the last few hours, causing a re-route.

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