Fortnite fans disgusted with eye-watering price of first Rocket Racing bundle

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While Fortnite is in the middle of a stellar set of launches with not one, but three new game modes launching – not everything has gone down well with its fans. Especially one glaring issue that’s come up with today’s Rocket Racing mode.

Along with the new mode comes, of course, new cosmetic bundles to buy in the shop – and Rocket Racing is no exception, with three themed bundles available for fans to buy. On launch day, they include the Cyclone Bundle, the Jager 619 Bundle and the Diesel Bundle. It’s this last one that’s gotten the ire of the Fortnite subreddits, however, as a number of threads are aghast at the price – with this one costing a whopping 4,000 V-Bucks.

“They really think people are gonna blow 4K VBucks on a model swap and a few wraps?” asks Looming. It’s a price point far higher than many assumed. “Totally expected less than 1,000 VBucks per car, they’re just cosmetic,” says Doctoranonrus. “Was expecting 2K, which is the case for the other two bundles, but this one is double the price for no reason at all.” adds OKgamer01. .

In real world terms, given the price of VBucks, that’s about $36 (£28.71) for this bundle, but as you can only buy VBucks in certain denominations, the closest bundle is 5,000 VBucks which costs $36.99 or £29.54 for the Diesel. The bundle itself includes the car model and and six decals to use to decorate it. It’s also worth noting that buying the bundle also allows you access to the car in Rocket League too, but understandably, that’s proving little consolation given the recent price increase of Fortnite VBucks still fresh in the memory.

The Rocket League inspired mode sees arcade-style racing come to Fortnite, with players able to customise cars and race them across a range of wild tracks. It ties into Epic Games stable-mate free to play offering Rocket League, with cars crossing over into Fortnite and being made available in both games.

It’s early days yet – so this well could be Epic experimenting with pricing to see what the community end up finding acceptable. But it certainly leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many. Tomorrow will also see the launch of the new Fortnite Festival musical mode, which will also bring popular musician The Weeknd to Fortnite. Meanwhile, the launch of Lego Fortnite has already been a huge success with an impressive first day player count. Rocket Racing is available now in Fortnite.

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