GTA 6 fans frustrated with lack of PC version at launch

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Alongside the booming GTA 6 announcement seen and heard worldwide, Rockstar Games simultaneously revealed the shortlist of systems that the game will be compatible with, which, unfortunately for PC players, had one glaring omission. Though the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S were predictably part of the list, a Windows version was not, meaning a desktop release on opening day is highly unlikely, barring any sudden developments in the future.

Naturally, the lack of a PC port has already prompted plenty of negative reactions from the community, as most of the GTA player base prefers playing on the mod-accessible desktop version. So, despite the GTA 6 release date window being quite far off, many have already taken to social media sites like Reddit to voice their frustrations.

One Redditor in particular is frustrated that they’re essentially being forced to purchase a current-gen console, saying: “I’m mad that I’m going to have to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X just to play this game a year early than on PC. I figured they would’ve made sure they’d release it day one on PC as well since this is the most hyped game of all time, and because more people have been getting rid of their consoles for PCs in recent years.”

Another user shared a similar sentiment, calling GTA 6’s lack of a PC version at launch “the worst decision in Rockstar’s strategy.” On the other hand, some fans have seemingly moved on already after saying that they simply “plan to wait” for the PC port. However, others who aren’t as patient are already planning to purchase a current-gen console before the game’s eventual release based on several comments below another Reddit thread.

No matter what your plans are for the GTA 6 opening day, though, it should only be a matter of time until a PC version is announced. So, until then, take a look at our pages on the GTA 6 pre-order, the GTA 6 engine, and GTA 6 cross-platform.

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