Hearthstone Roadmap (2024) – What to expect during the Year of the Pegasus

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Hearthstone is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, which will make the Year of the Pegasus very special. There will be plenty of content coming our way and if you want to know what to expect, you can use our Hearthstone roadmap.

You can stay on top of all the new card sets, rotations, balance changes, and general updates right here. Find out what’s coming up over the next year in Hearthstone with the roadmap below.

Image provided by Blizzard

Hearthstone Roadmap

With our Hearthstone roadmap, you can find out what has come just before the current year, what has been officially announced, and what to expect going forward in the game. Make sure to check back for additional information and official announcements.

End of the Year of the Wolf – Lead up to the Year of the Pegasus

Before we get into the Year of the Pegasus content, we’ll take you through the key moments from the end of the Year of the Wolf:

  • January 18: Patch 28.4
  • January 29: Patch 28.4.1
    • Balance Patch
    • Battleground Updates
    • Arena Updates
    • Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
  • January 30 – February 13: Lunar New Year event
  • February 13: Patch 28.6
    • 13 Free Cards (including Harth Stonebrew and Colifero the Artist)
    • Whizbang’s Workshop Pre-Order
    • Battlegrounds Updates
    • Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
  • February 22: Patch 28.6.2
    • Card Adjustments/Balance Changes
    • Battlegrounds Updates
    • Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
  • February 27 – March 19: 10 Year Anniversary Event
  • March 1: Twist Season Update – Fast Forward
  • March 11: Patch 29.0
    • Four Warcraft Rumble-themed cards added to the Core Set
    • Card Adjustments/Balance Changes
    • Battlegrounds Updates
    • New Arena Season and Arena Updates
    • Signature Fram Update
    • Whizbang’s Workshop Catch-Up Packs
    • 10-Year Anniversary Card Back
    • Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
  • March 11 – March 12: Hearthstone Community Day
year of the pegasus exapansion roadmap tease hearthstone
Image provided by Blizzard

Year of the Pegasus

The Year of the Pegasus is the new ‘Standard year’ in Hearthstone. This means there will be a Core Set Rotation, keeping the card pool fresh and easier to join for new players. All Year of the Hydra card sets will move from Standard format into Wild.

There is also a massive Core Set Update coming at the same time. Many cards are entering and leaving Core. The big changes you will notice here are Druid’s ramping mechanic being taken away and the Rune requirements being reduced for Death Knight cards.

Additionally, Battlegrounds Duos has been announced to come to the mode after a successful response a BlizzCon. There will be three new expansions during the Year of the Pegasus, starting with Whizbang’s Workshop.

All the key moments from the Year of the Pegasus are as follows: 

  • March 19: New Hearthstone Year Begins
    • Whizbang’s Workshop Expansion
    • Core Set Rotation – Year of the Hydra sets rotate out of Standard format and into Wild (includes Voyage to the Sunken City, Murder at Castle Nathria, March of the Lich King, and Path of Arthas)
    • Core Set Update – Includes new keyword ‘Elusive’ (can’t be targeted by spells of Hero Powers)
    • Hearthstone: Music from the Tavern album releases (can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, and Deezer)
    • New Legendary Hero Skin – Leeroy the Legend
  • March 26 – April 16: Whizbang’s Workshop Event
  • August: New Expansion 2 (expected)
  • November/December: New Expansion 3 (expected)

As soon as more information is officially announced for upcoming events during the Year of the Pegasus in Hearthstone, we will update this roadmap.

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