Helldivers 2 player says this anti-armor weapon needs to be buffed

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The new Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond is now available in Helldivers 2, bringing new weapons, armor, utility items, and cosmetics for 1,000 Super Credits. This is the smallest Premium Warbond that we have seen in the game so far, with it only consisting of three pages. Despite this, it is packed full of new items to use, and although they haven’t been a hit with players so far, that could change as people spend more time with them.

U/skydude808 took to Reddit to share their experience with the new G-123 Thermite Grenade. The Grenade sticks to surfaces and burns at 2000°C, delivering massive damage to armored enemies. Unfortunately, some players haven’t had this experience, with the Reddit user saying “Is it me or does the new Thermite Grenade not do anything useful? I stuck a Devastator mid-body and the thing was still alive afterwards. A Hulk took all six I had to the face and was relatively unharmed. Maybe it destroys armor rating but it doesn’t seem like a viable tradeoff for the accuracy you need to make it effective, even hitting the weak spot on a Hulk it took three of them.”

The G-123 Thermite can stick to enemies. Image captured by VideoGamer.

However, some players haven’t experienced the same issues, with some pointing to a potential server issue, with u/Justapurraway saying “Threw 2 at a Hulk today and killed it, must just be the DOT/Host bug you’re encountering.”

Regardless of whether the issue with the Thermite Grenade is down to a server-side issue, the new weapons in the Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond haven’t been a hit with Helldivers so far, with some calling them “absolutely garbage.” The consensus could change as time goes on, as it isn’t fair to immediately write a weapon off and demand it is buffed, as we have seen weapons in the past be seen as not useful before a player discovers a meta-changing use for it.

Balancing weapons is a never-ending challenge for developers. Although the thermite grenade isn’t as strong as it should be, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be buffed in the future, especially if Arrowhead Game Studios receives feedback from the community. To make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can follow the meta, or discover your own playstyle and become a strong part of your team so you can serve a hot cup of Liber-tea to the Automatons and Terminids.

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