Helldivers 2 player thinks developers have secretly added Illuminate faction

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So far Helldivers 2 has largely focused on fighting against the Terminid bugs. But, a new threat could be on the horizon and they are already making their presence known. The Illuminate was part of the Galactic War in the first Helldivers game but so far hasn’t been mentioned in the story of Helldivers 2. However, players have been reporting strange occurrences that can’t be explained.

One player took to Reddit to detail being hit by a mysterious blue laser beam during a mission that dealt 60% damage and knocked them back. Upon scouting their surroundings and mini-map, there were no enemies nearby and the laser was blue rather than red which is what all current enemies use. This strange event does line up with the Illuminate returning.

Image captured by VideoGamer.

The Illuminate has been previously teased despite no official confirmation by Arrowhead Game Studios. But, the studio has a habit of stealth adding new enemies and features, with the most recent being the Shriekers which appeared unexpectedly following the start of the Terminid Control System event. The story of Helldivers 2 seems to be evolving rapidly and changes being added outside of patches will keep players on their toes as they never know what could happen at any moment. While some users on Reddit were skeptical of the story, many others have reported similar occurrences, and players of the original game have been able to connect the dots as they have already had experience dealing with the Illuminate.

Helldivers 2 is one of the most exciting games of 2024 and looks to be one of the highlights of the year, but will it be able to carry the industry to a good year? If you want to find out then we highly recommend checking the game out on PS5 or PC via Steam and using our Helldivers 2 best weapons and best armor guides to get you started. The Terminid Control System event is currently taking place until March 19, giving you a few more days to participate in the biggest event the game has seen so far which will permanently affect the game’s future.

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