India’s external balances improved in December 2023 quarter, says RBI data

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On the flip side, the country continued to see a rise in foreign liabilities, due to the heightened inward direct investments, portfolio investments, and loans acquired by resident entities. Also, despite a marginal decline in trade credits, the influx of overseas investments and loans has led to an upswing in foreign liabilities.

As a percentage, reserve assets account for 63.9 of the country’s international financial assets, while the share of debt liabilities in the overall external liabilities has remained consistent, maintaining its position at 50.4.

Also, there has been an improvement in the ratio of the country’s international financial assets to international financial liabilities, which rose to 72.4 by December 2023, up from 70.9 in September 2023, reflecting a more favourable balance between assets and liabilities.

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