International Children’s Day 2024: Which countries celebrate it on June 1? Know history and significance of the day

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International Children’s Day is celebrated every year around the world. It is an ideal time to promote the rights and well-being of all children. Advocacy for children’s rights places special emphasis on this celebration. Everyone is encouraged to reflect on the progress that has been made for children. However, it also serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for every child’s right to education and safety. Above all, it is a reminder that every child has the right to live in an environment free from prejudice and exploitation. International Children’s Day is almost identical to Universal Children’s Day, which is celebrated in November. The only difference is that International Children’s Day is celebrated in June. From history to significance, scroll down to learn more. (Also read: World Milk Day 2024: Date, history, significance and everything that you need to know )

International Children’s Day serves as a reminder to protect and nurture children’s innocence and potential.(Pixabay)

International Children’s Day 2024: Date and history

International Children’s Day is celebrated every year on June 1, and this time, it will be observed on Saturday. International Children’s Day was initially designated during the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva in 1925. On November 4, 1949, the Women’s International Democratic Federation in Moscow declared June 1 as the International Day for the Protection of Children. From 1950 onwards, June 1 has been observed as Children’s Day in numerous Communist and post-Communist nations.

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Which countries celebrate International Children’s Day on June 1?

International Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1 in many countries around the world, particularly in former Soviet states and other nations that recognise this day to highlight issues related to children’s rights and welfare. Countries that observe this day include China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Various activities such as parades, concerts, and educational events are organised to promote the well-being and rights of children.​

Significance of International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day is significant as it underscores the global commitment to protect and promote the rights and well-being of children. The day serves as a powerful reminder of the universal need to ensure that every child has access to education, health care and a safe environment. It draws attention to pressing issues such as child labour, exploitation and abuse, advocates for the fundamental human rights of children and encourages societies to prioritise their well-being and development.

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