Kerala-based startup, ‘chargeMOD’ to deploy 1,200 more EV chargers across India

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KOCHI: Kerala-based energy tech Startup, ‘chargeMOD’, has announced its expansion plans and said it will deploy 1,200 more EV chargers across India and 600 more in Kerala.

The company, in an announcement made earlier this week, said it was planning to set up an additional 1,000 slow chargers and 200 fast chargers across various states in India and to establish an additional 500 slow chargers and 100 fast chargers in Kerala.

It said this was excluding the existing 1,500 charging stations in Kerala and 2,000 stations across India.

‘chargeMOD’ is set to introduce Ultra Fast Chargers with capacities ranging from 120 kW to 340 kW, further enhancing charging speeds and convenience for EV users across the country, the company said in a release.

M Ramanunni, the CEO and Co-Founder of ‘chargeMOD’ said the startup led by four engineering students has now become an entrepreneurial powerhouse.

“Despite the hurdles posed by inexpensive imported chargers, ‘chargeMOD’ remains steadfast in our dedication to striking an equilibrium between quality and affordability.

By placing utmost importance on reliability and efficiency, ‘chargeMOD’ endeavours to maintain its position as an architect within the EV charging sector,” he was quoted in a release.

We have set new standards in the electric vehicle charging industry by building an entire ecosystem of EV charging, including hardware and software designed and manufactured in India, Ramanunni added.

The strategic placement of AC slow chargers within a 5 km radius and DC fast chargers within a 50 km radius underscores chargeMOD’s dedication to accessibility and convenience for EV users nationwide.

The company claimed that with over 120 new subscribers joining their network daily, chargeMOD has enabled over four million kilometers of emission-free travel, preventing over 995 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and saving more than 160,000 liters of gasoline.

The startup, incubated under Kerala Startup Mission, is the first company in Kerala to develop an indigenous mobile app for charging stations.

With a network of over 2,000 charging stations across the country in 10 states and customer support in six languages ‘chargeMOD’ has 150 fast charging stations.

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