Madden 24 draft class glitch has players growing discouraged

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The Madden 24 draft class glitch is well documented by now, but players continue to grow frustrated with it. Draft classes in general are very hit or miss and there have been tons of glitches and bugs with them this time around. One in particular involves the faces and models of these players, many of which are either incorrect or different. That has many players venting their frustrations.

Madden 24 draft class glitch causes EA Sports to get ripped apart

Draft classes are among the most bugged aspects of most Madden games, especially Madden 24. For whatever reason, EA Sports has not been willing or able to fix them, as they crop up all the time. They’re not game-breaking, but they are frustrating for many players. u/Delliott213 shared to Reddit with their complaints.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue that so many players face. For Brock Bowers, an upcoming selection in the 2024 NFL Draft, their model was not remotely what their facial scan was. Furthermore, it wasn’t what the tight end looks like in real life, as a black model was used instead of the white player. It also had the generic face that many draft prospects have in franchise mode.

u/humbleredditor2 put it bluntly, “Is a s****y company going to fix a stupid glitch in their s****y game? <— I hope that answers your question haha EA literally ruins everything they touch.” Many fans agreed, as this was one of the most upvoted comments. EA Sports was ripped to shreds by players over the latest issue.

u/YourPalFlux took it a step further, destroying Electronic Arts in the process, “Yea every rookie is gonna look like this bc Madden is f*****g dogs**t and downloaded draft classes are completely broken.” Another commenter added that EA would only care if the issue was for Ultimate Team.

Another user pointed out another draft class glitch: all their rookies look the exact same and have the same number. This is a widespread issue, and it’s one we have actually seen in our own playthrough of franchise mode. u/Specific-Champion-5 admitted, “I made my own entire class bc of this glitch.”

Most players are pretty fed up with the lack of attention to other game modes and the lack of care on the part of EA Sports. That’s all for the latest community outrage over a Madden 24 draft class glitch, but be sure to check out a recent Team of the Week release, the full Angry Runs set, and a hilarious discovery by a Bijan Robinson fan.

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