Madden 24 players debate whether or not revamped blocking system works

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Madden 24 told its players that the game would have revamped blocking, but some members of the community don’t believe it actually does. Run blocking in particular was erratic in past Madden iterations, and it was something EA Sports wanted to target. So far, the community seems divided on the efficacy of that change.

Madden 24 blocking system has fans fighting

Blocking in Madden is often the most unrealistic aspect of the game. Getting key blocks is rare and running backs often struggle to find holes. It makes an entire aspect of the offense difficult, and fans had had enough going into the latest version of the game. EA resolved to fix that, but one Reddit user doesn’t believe they have.

They shared a clip of a draw play in which the right tackle dropped back into pass protection. To make matters worse, the lineman didn’t even block anyone in pass protection. They simply dropped back and stood there for a moment before the play ended. The player they could have blocked ended up making a tackle for a loss. “This happened to me and just now and I also feel the need to make a ‘WTF is this???’ post,” they said on the Madden subreddit.

One commenter by the name of u/TimeCookie8361 echoed that sentiment, “You’re 100% correct about that tackle should be doing something. People act like it happens in real life, but rarely ever if at all does that happen.”

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u/Klutzy-Somewhere-544 lamented the fact that the old Madden games didn’t do this. Others agreed that this is a comical error in Madden 24 blocking, something that should have been ironed out with the new system.

Not all commenters blamed the game, though. u/steelbane_ offered some constructive criticism to help all Madden gamers avoid this fate, “You have the mike linebacker identified wrong, and a shift left based on the animation. Every time you get to the line, make the center ‘attack the mike’ and it reorganizes the line based on the ‘defensive center’.”

Another player said that since the real-life Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive line can’t block well, it makes perfect sense for the virtual Steelers to do the same thing.

Madden players routinely find things to complain about, as the subreddit is full of issues people have with the game. At least on this occasion, there are a few players who believe EA Sports actually hasn’t done anything wrong.

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