Madden 24 players laugh at hilariously accurate Bijan Robinson absence

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Fans of the Atlanta Falcons know all too well about the infrequent usage of star players, specifically running back Bijan Robinson. Now, one Madden player has been forced to understand that issue as well. They experienced a strange situation rendering the player unusable, and the community couldn’t help but laugh at the irony.

The strange happenstance that u/Real-Ostrich-2692 unfortunately found left his Atlanta Falcons unable to use Bijan Robinson. The star rookie running back had zero plays available for him despite not being injured. While Falcons head coach Arthur Smith has his reasons for occasionally doing this, Madden does not.

Image via u/Real-Ostrich-2692 on Reddit

Madden 24 players couldn’t offer much help on the usage front, but they could laugh at the hilarity of it all. Smith comes under fire for not playing Robinson enough, and now a Madden glitch renders him completely unusable.

Several commenters joked about needing to fire Arthur Smith, something many Falcons fans would like to see happen, before being able to properly use Robinson. u/addwood5 quipped, “Who said this game was unrealistic?”

One user commented that it happened with other stars. Robinson’s usage isn’t the only issue fans have with Smith’s coaching. Star pass-catchers Drake London and Kyle Pitts are often not used a lot, either. This Madden player mentioned that the above glitch once extended to those players as well, “This happened to me, but with all top rated skill players. London, Pitts, and Bijan would play a single series then be gone the rest of the game. Only thing that fixed it was turning off progressive fatigue.”

A screenshot of a football player catching a ball during Madden 24 game.
Image by VideoGamer

Many users did bring to attention that turning off progressive fatigue can help this issue. This is what EA Sports has included to make the game a little more realistic by allowing players to need to be subbed out when they’re tired. This can be turned off if necessary.

Ironically, it did make the game a little more realistic in that playing as an Arthur Smith-led team resulted in the complete inability to make their star running back the focus of a play. That’s all for this ironic Madden 24 Bijan Robinson issue, but be sure to check out MUT’s Zero Chill, TOTW, and Cover Athletes!

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