Manifesto for cancer research: Bold action can stop 20,000 cancer deaths

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Survival has doubled since the 70s, with two in four people now surviving their cancer for 10 years or more.

Despite this progress – cancer remains the defining health issue of our time. The challenge is growing.

Cases are rising and we estimate that half a million people will be diagnosed with cancer every year by 2040.

People are facing unacceptable waiting times for diagnosis and treatment. Around 113,000 additional patients in England would have been treated on time, if the 62-day target (85%) had been met since the last general election. The public expect and deserve action. Cancer must become a top priority for all political parties.

We know cancer requires long-term thinking and yet England does not have a long-term strategy.

Today, we publish a “manifesto for cancer research and care” with five key missions to make life better for patients and their families, improve productivity and strengthen the economy. These include measures to rebuild the UK’s global position in research and back cancer research, prevent more cancers and diagnose them earlier, as well as bring new tests, treatments and innovations.

We also want to see a focus on cancer within the government, led by a National Cancer Council, responsible directly to the PM.

Our recommendations would help avoid 20,000 cancer deaths a year by 2040. But only if we act. I urge everyone to support us. The prize is a legacy of life-saving research and care that will benefit the UK for decades.

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