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Hundreds, including Google workers, gathered outside Google offices in the US city of San Francisco on Thursday to protest the tech giant’s project with Israel, according to Anadolu Agency

Demanding Google to cancel its Nimbus Project, a $1.2 billion contract that was initiated in 2021 to provide cloud services to Israel, the protestors laid wrapped in sheets — reading “Genocide” in Google’s signature rainbow lettering — in a “die-in” performance, the report said.

Quoting a protestor, the Ankara headquartered news agency said, “Today we are going to hear what some of the brave Google workers who are taking a stand refuse to be complicit. Well, bad company profits of genocide.”

Separately, another protestor, a worker of Google and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, said: “I am here in support of no tech for apartheid.

“I am here in opposition to Israel’s system of apartheid that curtails Palestinian rights and ends Palestinian lives, a system that my employer materially supports through its involvement with Project Nimbus.”

The agency added that the protestors carried Palestinian flags and chanted while unfurling banners saying “Drop Project Nimbus,” “Don’t Be Evil=Don’t Support Genocide,” “No Tech for Genocide” and “No Tech for Apartheid”.

An official from Google stated that the project will be used by Israel in the fields of finance, health, transportation and education, and it has nothing to do with the country’s military practices.

Previously, it was claimed that Google applied mobbing to some of its employees who opposed the project, the report added.

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