SAE2023 – Expo Highlights Airport Expansion in Saudi Arabia

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One thing remains clear is that the Saudi Airport Exhibition (SAE2023) is highlighting the amount of manpower needed for aviation expansion in Saudi Arabia.

From looking around the stands at the RICEC in Riyadh, it is incredible to see stakeholders trying to secure business for what is going to be a very busy few years ahead for the kingdom.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Matarat Holding: One of the Companies Leading The Airport Charge in Saudi Arabia…

Photo Credit: Matarat Holding.

Matarat Holding was on display this week at the Saudi Airport Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a company to keep an eye on as we progress through this decade.

This company has been making waves this year, especially within airports in the Kingdom.

Back in March, the company signed a deal with Egis to manage 26 more airports within Saudi Arabia, bringing their total to 27.

At that time, Turki Almubadal, executive vice president of Projects and Technical Affairs at Matarat said the following on that deal:

“This contract focuses on providing support in several major areas and activities, which include strategic planning for projects, building an asset management guide, preparing a unified guide for engineering specifications for designing and implementing projects, and following up on continuous improvement of their performance,”

Matarat now effectively hold quite a strong presence within Saudi Arabia for airports and currently leads the charge in the expansion of the National Aviation Strategy,

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Why Is This Infrastructure Expansion Key To Growth in the Kingdom?

SAE2023 - Expo Highlights Airport Expansion in Saudi Arabia
Photo Credit: Public Investment Fund.

Such infrastructure expansion plans are needed as part of the National Aviation Strategy, which is being funded under the Public Investment Fund in Saudi Arabia.

As part of the Vision 2030 program also, the Kingdom is expecting international destinations to increase to 250 out of it’s airport portfolio, and for passenger capacity to increase to 330 million by 2030, highlighting the strong growth anticipated by the end of this decade.

It is also the reason why the likes of Matarat are at the Saudi Airport Exhibition, in order to sign new deals where necessary to help facilitate such growth from 27 airports.

Because of this, such events are going to become even more important over the next few years, and will intensify in size as more projects come up.


Photo Credit: IDOM.

It remains clear that the likes of Matarat and other exhibitors at the Saudi Airport Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are wanting to get in on this business of growth for the kingdom.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on such stakeholders to see how far they can take their growth plans, as laid out via the National Aviation Strategy.

Being at this event has offered a new layer of insight into how such deals need to be organised and concluded in the years ahead, with such expansion of airport-based infrastructure operating at enormous speed.

As mentioned in previous articles on AviationSource, Saudi Arabia is going to be a country to look out for, as they aim to become the best connectivity and point-to-point-based country in the world for air travel.

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