Saudi-China investment event witnesses deals worth $25bn

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RIYADH: Aramco has attained a high level of dependability in providing consistent and reliable oil and gas supplies to countries worldwide, according to the company’s top official. 

Aramco’s Senior Consultant for Operational Excellence Management, Moraya Al-Qahtani, emphasized the company’s ability to meet the needs of customers internationally during the Operational Excellence Conference held in Riyadh. 

During the third quarter of this year, the company unveiled its first international investment in liquefied natural gas, positioning itself to leverage the increasing demand for LNG. Furthermore, the firm revealed its plans to enter the South American retail market. 

During a panel discussion titled “Operational Excellence in the Energy Sector,” Al-Qahtani revealed: “Aramco has reached 99.9% reliability in supplying oil and gas to countries around the world.” 

The inaugural day of the OPEXKSA, hosted by the Saline Water, concluded with many transformative insights and success stories. 

Under the theme “Toward Creating Value to All Stakeholders,” the conference brought together over 100 global leaders and experts to delve into the intricacies of operational excellence and its role in shaping the future of diverse sectors. 

The Governor of the Public Corp. for Desalination of Salt Water, Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Abdulkarim, emphasized the cultural shift in operational excellence, stating: “Operational excellence is more of a culture and philosophy than a process. When searching for concepts of operational excellence, we found no better example to learn from than the Kingdom in various sectors.” 

Reflecting on the national transformation, Al-Abdulkarim noted: “The change that all sectors are undergoing in the national transformation phase is a significant one. Operational evolution in the world has only emerged through adopting behaviors related to operational excellence.” 

He added: “Through the conference activities, we aim to enhance effective communication for sharing experiences. We, from various sectors, have all sought to participate in this conference with the goal of making information accessible to everyone.” 

Providing specific achievements, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy for Electricity Affairs, Abdullah Al-Bishi, mentioned that the liquid fuel displacement program included more than 40,000 farms, 20,000 factories, and a group of cement factories. 

Muhammad Al-Kharashi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy for Companies and Reserves, spoke about service centers and gas stations, emphasizing their shared goal of ensuring the security of supplies and enhancing the consumer experience. 

The OPEXKSA 2023 conference stands as a forum for exchanging knowledge and experiences, showcasing the dedication of leaders from various sectors to operational excellence and the realization of Vision 2030’s strategic objectives. 

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