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RIYADH: Affirming the Kingdom’s commitment to a sustainable future, the Saudi Green Building Forum is set to participate in the 28th session of the UN Climate Conference, also known as COP28, in Dubai. 

Taking place in the Blue Zone pavilion, the SGBF’s schedule of associated events is outlined across three key areas, including technology and innovation, inclusion, and finance, centering around frontline communities. 

“The SGBF pavilion works to build the capabilities of all heads of companies and bodies related to the public or private sector, providing opportunities for its members, individuals and institutions, joining in person and virtually including 27 SGBF Observers experts in the areas of sustainable development within the Blue Zone of the conference at the United Nations, UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change),” Faisal Al-Fadl, secretary-general of SGBF said. 

In a notable collaboration, Magnom Properties and Rawabi Holding, the owners of the Forbes International Tower, will also be present at the pavilion. 

Held in collaboration with Forbes International Tower, these keynote addresses and panel discussions will include ministers, public servants, UNFCCC leaders, climate action advocates, business and industry executives, and sustainability consultants. 

The objective is to address the decarbonization of the construction sector in the region and highlight green frontlines and initiatives that drive the effort for a more sustainable construction sector. 

In response to COP28, the forum is committed to collaborating with climate change stakeholders in promoting Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN General Assembly in 2015 in four key areas, including accelerating green energy solutions and prioritizing clean water efficiency. 

Furthermore, these domains include addressing climate finance through green energy initiatives, future-proofing the built environment, and conserving natural resources to safeguard nature, lives, and livelihood. 

“This participation is unique to the area for developing business and industries displaying the best building and construction practices, as the Blue Zone is a high-level space for delegates of member states countries and observers nominated by the SGBF,” Al-Fadl added. 

Additionally, the program will feature a series of panel discussions on the Paris Agreement, regional meetings with officials, and workshops. 

As the program kicks off, the opening keynote on Dec. 2 by Osman Ibrahim, Rawabi Holding vice chairman and group CEO of Magnom Properties, will highlight elevating the standards of sustainability and environmentally responsible practices in the region’s real estate sector. 

Sessions will examine topics ranging from powering the green building revolution in the region’s real estate sector and start-ups driving sustainable innovation. 

The nongovernmental institution, accredited by the UNFCCC, aims to enhance national gains in the field of combating climate change within international cooperation. 

Furthermore, the forum aims to showcase Saudi Arabia’s capabilities and the global collective efforts reflected in its national and international policies to reduce generational environmental impacts. 

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