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Jul 09, 2024 08:58 PM IST

People with chronic illnesses should be treated with empathy and compassion. We should be their loved one and know their needs.

A chronic illness is a condition that stays for more than a year. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, or heart conditions can be challenging to navigate. It is important to support people who have a chronic condition. Chronic illnesses often make it difficult for people to move around on their own. This can be extremely challenging. People with chronic illnesses may need care and affection – even for doing basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, taking a shower, people with chronic illnesses often need assistance. The sense of helplessness is evident in patients with chronic illness.

Chronic illnesses often make it difficult for people to move around on their own. This can be extremely challenging.(Unsplash)

When we support a person with chronic illness, we should follow certain dos and don’ts.

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Don’t engage in toxic positivity:

When we see our close ones struggling with chronic illness, it is natural for us to try to make them feel happy and positive. However, when we give in to toxic positivity, it can make them feel overwhelmed and more conscious about their condition.

Don’t give unsolicited advice:

People suffering with chronic illness already go through challenging times. It is important to understand their mental condition and try and not give unsolicited advice to them that can make them feel worse.

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Be aware of their needs:

Instead of assuming, we should ask them what they need, and try to arrange it for them. When we listen to their needs, we make them feel heard and valued.

Research the illness:

We should become more aware of chronic illness – this can help us to tend to the patient better. We can research, ask experts and also sit and talk to the patient to understand what the symptoms are and how we should attend to them.

Be empathetic:

Empathy and compassion are the main elements that we should showcase when we take care of a patient with chronic illness. Instead of trying to be their caregiver, we should be their loved one, and make it bearable for them.

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