The Party-Ready Sparkly Top That Reviewers Call ‘Comfy’

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I recently came across a photo of myself in college, stepping out for the evening in a decidedly fabulous dress: Tight, short, with a black sequin body and long, rainbow sequin sleeves. I’d snagged it at a thrift store in Chicago, and, at the time, it seemed to epitomize my sense of self — powerful, energized, and, well, fabulous!

These days, even when I’m stepping out for the evening, my wardrobe tends to reside firmly in the realm of “staid and subdued.” Maybe it’s a sign of maturity? Maybe it’s because, since becoming a mom, I’ve pivoted towards more practical attire? But the thing is, I do still feel fabulous — and being reminded of that dress not only made me pine for the shininess of youth, but also realize that my wardrobe is in desperate need of some flash.

I started by trolling the web for inspiration and buying options and inspiration — and regarding the former, my initial searches did not disappoint: Tom Ford, Oséree, and this amazing vintage Prada are just a few of my favorite finds. But as for hitting that “Buy Now” button, I needed something a bit less… daring.

Leave it to Target to come through in the clutch:

The retailer’s short sleeve paillettes top from house brand A New Day really hits the mark, both for flash and affordability. Available in both black and pastel pink, it has short sleeves, a soft and stretchy fabric base, is covered in big, bright, spangly paillettes (read: enormous sequins) that make me feel like a walking disco ball — which is exactly what I was going for. And it’s just $28, which is also very much what I was going for (and why I bought both colorways).

While it only has a 3.6-star rating, we’re taken with its style — and the reviewer who did have positive feedback calling it “beautiful,” “flashy,” expensive-looking and even “comfy.” The main issues seem to be a loss of sequins over time, so we’d advise handling this item with care if you do purchase it.

I’ll definitely be wearing it on date nights and during the holidays, and I also plan to pop it on when I’m home and in need of a quick pick-me-up. (And if I’m feeling especially daring, I’ll double it up with the matching mini dress.)

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