The U.S.’s Healthcare System Could be Changing for the Better –

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Advancements in science and technology will lead to healthcare improvements, experts say.

Few people would argue with the idea that healthcare in the United States – and around the world, for that matter, could be notably improved. Of course, that can be said of anything, so it’s not so much an indictment of the current system as it is an understanding that perpetual improvement should always be the goal.

Toward that end, a new report has been released that highlights some of the opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of by the healthcare system in the years to come. Through the hard work of many talented individuals, the future may look very different in terms of the outcomes that are possible for people with a range of health conditions.

“The Future of Health” is a report that was published by the University of Buffalo and the Jacobs Institute. This report takes a look at the healthcare system with a wide lens, highlighting how a comprehensive approach is going to be needed if systemic challenges are going to be successfully confronted and overcome.

One of the reasons that this report is so notable is that previous versions – such as the one issued in 2017 – have been particularly accurate. Specifically, that report predicted that a pandemic would come along, and that rapid vaccine development would become possible. Given those credentials, it makes sense that people would pay attention when this report is issued.

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There are many potential areas for growth and improvement, which is why this can be seen as such an exciting time in the healthcare world. Some of the many examples of possibilities for growth include individualized cancer treatments, the use of artificial intelligence, neuro-connected bionic prosthetics, and life-extension science. Any of those areas on their own would be tremendously interesting and exciting, yet it’s possible that we’ll see notable growth in all of these fields over the coming years.

Another field that is exciting to consider is the continued advancement of personal health monitoring. There has already been a lot of development in recent years with some of these tools, from the basics like a heart rate monitor in a watch on up to more advanced tools that can watch for serious health concerns. As useful as the current technology is, the thinking is that the surface has only just been scratched in terms of what is possible. With more and more people being able to take control over their own health, there could be a notable uptick in overall human health that follows.

To be sure, no one can say with any degree of certainty what is going to happen in the future, in medicine or any other field. However, with the kinds of experts that were involved in putting together this report, there is certainly reason to take notice and consider some of the leaps that are predicted at least possible over the coming years. Between extending life and adding quality of life for countless people, the work of countless people in the healthcare field is going to change the world.


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