Things to let your children see you and your partner do

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The way we are in our romantic relationships impacts our children and their idea of relationships. This further impacts their behaviour patterns in their adult relationships. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with our partners. We may feel that our children cannot understand the relationship we have with our partner – that is wrong, because the way they see romantic relationships in their own homes impacts their thought process. “Our children learn so much from how we interact with our partner. Even when you think they’re not watching or listening….they are. Here are a few things to consider doing in front of/around our children to help model various relationship characteristics like safety, care, and interdependence,” wrote Psychotherapist Emily H Sanders.

Things to let your children see you and your partner do(Unsplash)

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Do things without one another: While it is important to create a space for sharing and companionship, it is equally important to embrace the differences in a relationship. Doing things without your partner instills the belief of being independent in children. This further makes them embrace the differences and learn to accept a person the way they are.

Navigate a disagreement together: Conflicts and disagreements are natural in a relationship. Navigating through it in a healthy manner and learning to accept each other’s perspectives even though we may have a difference in thought, is a healthy thing to show children.

Having fun together: Having fun, being silly and creating happy memories together helps the child to understand that relationships should have their share of fun moments as well. These are the times which deepen the bond.

Speak well of one another: Even when the partner is not around, we should speak well of them to make the child understand that we respect them and value their presence in our lives.

Show physical affection: A gentle hug, or a kiss or holding hands in front of children helps them to understand the importance of safe touch.

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