Urfi Means Famous. Uorfi Javed Believes She’s “Living Up” To Her Name

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Image instagrammed by Uorfi. (Courtesy: UorfiJaved)

New Delhi:

It is safe to say that Uorfi Javed is one of the most fearless actresses in the industry. From wearing jeans as a top to making a dress out of ropes, the social media icon never fails to make heads turn and how. Now, Uorfi has shared a set of two pictures on Instagram. The first one is a screenshot of a Google search. Wondering what she typed? The actress simply wrote “meaning of Urfi.” The results revealed, “Urfi is a Muslim Boy name with Arabic origins. Urfi name meaning is ‘Famous’.” In the next slide, Uorfi has shared a selfie of herself using a Christmas-themed filter. Along with the pictures, Uorfi wrote, “I am I the only Urfi living up to the name? Where [are] my other Urfis at.” 

Take a look:

This comes days after Uorfi Javed said that her Instagram account was ” deactivated.” In the caption, she candidly expressed the ups and downs her Instagram account experienced in 2023. She said, “How my 2023 looked liked. My account is facing major glitches, got deactivated thrice in a week , my account status shows error and other professional dashboards shows an error, every day I get a notification that my post has violated guidelines and then again it’ll be reposted again, (I receive the same notification for the same post everyday again and again ). Every time I post something the number of followers will go down significantly then increase again c then again go down. It’s like a roller coaster (this account ) Idk what to feel and how to react.” 

Uorfi Javed has often been a subject of criticism for her unconventional outfit choices. Not too long ago, she made headlines for a confrontation with a man who commented on her attire at the airport. The actress, wearing a green flowy dress and pink hair, caught the attention of a middle-aged man who approached her, saying, “Allowed nahi hai aisa kapda India mein. India ka naam kharaab karrahe ho [You are not allowed to dress like this in India. You are ruining India’s name].” He further adds, “Galat hai. India ka naam kharab hota hai humlog ka. [This is wrong. You are ruining India’s name and ours].”

Initially taken aback, Uorfi Javed responds, “Aapke baap ka kuch jaaraha hai kya? Nahi jaaraha ha na aapke baap ka? Toh jaao apna kaam karo. [It is none of your business],” adding, “Uncle apna kaam karo [Uncle, mind your business].” 

Uorfi Javed is known for her appearances on reality shows, including Bigg Boss OTT and MTV Splitsvilla X4.

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