Virgin Atlantic flight Los Angeles-London declares emergency

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A Virgin Atlantic long-haul flight from Los Angeles to London has declared an emergency approaching the United Kingdom.

Virgin Atlantic flight VS24, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operating the transatlantic service from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to London Heathrow (LHR) declared an emergency with squawk code 7700 whilst in the cruise approaching the United Kingdom.

Virgin Atlantic VS24 Los Angeles – London

Having declared the general emergency whilst in the cruise to the north of Ireland, flight VS24 is maintaining altitude at cruising level FL410 (41,000 feet) and maintaining track for London Heathrow (LHR).

The nature of the issue prompting this afternoon’s emergency declaration is not yet known.


Virgin Atlantic flight Los Angeles-London declares emergency

UPDATE #1 @ 1438 UK time – Virgin Atlantic flight VS24 from Los Angeles is currently to the south of the Isle of Man as it continues onwards to London Heathrow.

UPDATE #2 @ 1441 UK time – VS24 has changed it’s squawk code from 7700 to 5144, indicating that whatever the issue is onboard, it is under control. Still unclear as of yet what the reason for the initial call was.

Virgin Atlantic flight Los Angeles-London declares emergency

UPDATE #3 @ 1443 UK time – VS24 is about to begin it’s descent into Heathrow. We will continue to monitor the aircraft until arrival.

UPDATE #4 @ 1447 UK time – VS24 has begun its descent into London Heathrow. With the change of squawk, it is expected at this time that a standard approach will take place.

UPDATE #5 @ 1456 UK time – VS24 is not far away from approach into London Heathrow from Los Angeles. Reports indicating the likelihood of a medical emergency onboard as the reason for the 7700 call earlier.

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