What to do when your relationship feels on the brink? 5 ways to turn things around

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In a relationship, it is important to feel sure about the other person. However, sometimes we may feel that the relationship is not working out. “Being in a relationship in which you feel unwanted and unloved hurts. It doesn’t matter if your partner is stressed, busy or emotionally unavailable. You are still not getting what you need from your relationship and that hurts. You’re not being too sensitive or expecting too much. You’re hurting and that pain is justified. But what are you going to do about it? Because you have talked about this. You have brought it up again and again,” wrote Relationship Coach Marlena Tillhon.

Things to do when our relationship feels on the brink (Unsplash)

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Things to do when our relationship feels on the brink

Communicate: Communication forms one of the foundation blocks of a healthy relationship. It is important to clarify and communicate our emotions to the partner so that there is no space for misunderstanding. When the relationship starts to feel unhealthy, we should communicate the way we feel to the partner.

Be vulnerable: instead of getting into the vicious cycle of blame games, we should get vulnerable and talk to our partners. We should express our concerns to the partner without making them feel that they are responsible for making us feel hurt.

Let ourselves go: We should constantly keep putting in effort to make the situation better – however, we should let go of the things that we restrict ourselves and put limits on. We should stretch our boundaries and allow ourselves to explore spaces where we did not allow ourselves before.

Get real: Instead of sticking to the ideas of relationship that we believed in before, we should have a reality check and try to get real in the relationship. This will help us to identify the problem areas better.

Call it out: We should refrain from getting into denial, and instead call out the things that we are not okay with.

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