What You Should Do After a Commercial Vehicle Accident

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If you noticed any reckless behavior from the commercial driver, inform the police officer of your observations.

Experiencing any form of motor accident can be distressing. What may appear as a minor collision can escalate into a complex situation if it results in severe injuries. Understanding your rights and taking necessary measures to safeguard them post-accident is vital. However, accidents involving commercial vehicles present their own set of distinct complexities.

If you’ve found yourself harmed due to a crash with a semi-truck, a rideshare vehicle, or any other business-related vehicle, it’s advisable to seek counsel from a lawyer who specializes in commercial vehicle accidents promptly. Here are additional steps to consider following an accident with a commercial vehicle:

Assess Your Injuries and Pursue Medical Care

Should you sustain injuries from an accident, it is crucial to promptly seek medical attention. This applies not only to severe injuries but also to those that may initially seem minor. What might appear as a trivial injury can quickly escalate in severity over the ensuing hours or days. Immediate medical intervention can expedite your recovery process.

In many instances, a single doctor’s visit will not suffice. Certain injuries necessitate a comprehensive and prolonged treatment plan, which may involve multiple appointments with your doctor to guarantee complete healing.

Consult with a Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Bouncing back from your injuries is just the first step in reclaiming your life after an incident with a commercial vehicle. Most commercial carriers employ teams dedicated to managing accident claims, often aiming to settle for less than the actual value of the claims.

Considering the disparity in size and resources between the individual claimant and these large corporations, it would be advantageous for you to seek the help of a lawyer specializing in commercial vehicle accidents. A competent attorney can assist with numerous aspects of your case, including CDL DWI cases, adherence to industry regulations, and maximizing your insurance claim.

Collect Evidence

Accident scene; image by Akreyche, via Pixabay.com

Provided you’re not severely wounded and do not need to offer medical assistance to others, it’s vital to comprehensively document the incident. Snap photos of your vehicle’s damage, the commercial vehicle involved, and any physical injuries. 

Survey the scene for any tire skid marks, stop signs, or traffic signals. Take note of the location, proximate intersections, or any markers on the highway. Record a video showcasing the damage and an audio recounting the events that transpired leading to the accident. If any witnesses were present during the accident, collect their names and contact information as well.

Move Your Car Out of the Traffic Flow

The law mandates that you should relocate your vehicle out of the traffic stream to prevent disruption for other drivers. However, this doesn’t override your right to personal safety. If moving your vehicle risks further injury to you or others, leave it where it is.

In some instances, accidents may cause substantial damage rendering the vehicle immovable. In such cases, you are not required to try and shift a non-operational vehicle. If your vehicle is movable, merely pulling it to the side of the road is sufficient.

Offer a Statement to Law Enforcement

Commercial vehicles, including semi-trucks, delivery vans, and buses, are typically larger and weightier than standard passenger cars. Consequently, occupants of regular vehicles often sustain severe injuries when involved in accidents with these large commercial vehicles. It’s mandatory by law to report to the police if you’re injured or if there’s a fatality in an accident. It’s advisable to request for police presence when initially dialing 911.

The police will investigate the accident site and collect statements from those involved. When giving your statement, provide all relevant details about the events leading up to and during the collision. If you noticed any reckless behavior from the commercial driver, inform the police officer of your observations.


A collision involving a commercial vehicle can be a grave issue. If such an incident has affected you or someone you are acquainted with, it becomes essential to promptly engage a skilled legal expert.

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