Fitness coach shares one exercise that could help get rid of love handles

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Love handles refer to the prominence of skin tissue surrounding your pelvis, just above the hips.

While they can be tough to lose, it’s not impossible with the right exercise and nutrition choices.

A fitness coach has taken to her TikTok to reveal great movements to help burn stubborn love handles.

In the video, Allison, a workout and running coach with 20 years of experience, said: “If you want to whittle away those love handles as well as that muffin top, and strengthen your lower back, you’ve got to try this one exercise. It does all of that.

“Nutrition’s always a key but this one exercise is like buy-one-get-five-free.”

The exercise the expert is referring to is called Dumbbell Bird Dog, but you don’t need a dumbbell to do it, the coach noted.

Allison penned in the caption: “Give the Bird Dog exercise a try to finish off a workout!

“This is a great low-back stabiliser as well as perfect for working the lower belly pooch, and improving your posture.”

All you need to do is go down on your knees with your hands touching the floor and lift up your right leg and your left arm at the same time and bring them back together.

If you’re using weights, you should be holding the dumbbell in the arm you’re lifting.

Alisson explained that you can also do a standing version of this exercise if you prefer.

Here, you need to hold one arm high up and then pull it down to your centre, while bringing the opposing leg up.

So for your left arm, you will bring your right leg up. And the other way around for your right arm.

For the best results, the expert recommended doing 3×8 movements per side. Allison also noted that beginners can start without weights.

The exercise will brace your core and squeeze your glutes, helping you get rid of love handles.

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